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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LBD 30 day challenge 25: Something you would change?

I would bring the adults in. As much fun as the costume theater is, it was even cooler to compare the Bennet's re-enactment of the characters with their actual selves. Lizzie makes very interesting impressions of her mother, father and Catherine De Burg, but we never see them. This is what made the episode where Darcy was introduced so powerful. Impression after impression was made of him, but when he actually appeared, the audience could witness his actions and make conclusions of their own. Right now we have very exaggerated portrayals of Lizzie's parents and Catherine De Burg. Seeing these impressions, and comparing them to Lizzie's view of Darcy before he appeared on camera, would make Lizzie's story more powerful and the audience can see these characters and decide who they are themselves.

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