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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LBD 30 day challenge day 17: What did you know of Pride and Prejudice before LBD?

The real question is what did I not know about Pride and Prejudice. Before LBD I read the book and watched the BBC version I don't know how many times. I also watched Keira Knightley's version and I have a movie called Bride and Prejudice which gives the story an Indian twist. I know that the original title of Pride and Prejudice was going to be First Impressions due to Lizzie's habit of judging people immediately after she met them. It was the first novel that Jane Austen published, and it is one of the most popular stories in literature. LBD and the BBC version are tied as my favorite adaptions of the novel. I love the pictures with the BBC version that have LBD quotes because it blends the stories nicely, from the original to the modern day.

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