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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tips for Writer's or Story Block

Just some tips when you're stuck in writing:
(taken from many books, blogs and quotes about writing)

Take a picture: sometimes a change of scene is all you need
Make a playlist: one for a character or story
Write in a different point of view: what's really going on in his/her head?
Take a break: go for a walk, run a quick errand
Reread your writing: sometimes rereading helps me get back on track
Ask questions, and then answer them
Just scribble- until the story flows again
Research- anything that has to do with your story or character
Read a book- always a great source of inspiration
Avoid it for a while- if you can, come back to it later

(Because I'm stuck right now, and I'm doing each of these until something happens)

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