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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ship of Clouds

The wind was brutal as the ship passed the setting sun. Peter knew that a storm was coming, but he wasn't afraid. Everything was an adventure just waiting to happen. The Lost Boys followed his orders and ran about the ship, watching the horizon.
"Alright you lackeys!" Peter said with a loud booming air. "It's time to sail into that storm!"
The Lost Boys watched as lighting appeared in the distance, and held on as the ship hit a bump of air on the breeze.  They were headed toward dark clouds and rougher winds. Soon they would sail through the stars, back to Neverland, but for now, Peter wanted to race the sunset and brave the storm  that surrounded them. Once the storm whipped on all sides of the ship, Peter grinned and yelled
"Hold steady!"
The Lost Boys held the ropes tightly and stood their ground as rain, wind and clouds met them. The wind rushed through the ship, while a loud boom of thunder warned them to turn back. 
"Steady now!" Peter yelled while turning the helm. A lightning bolt went past them, missing the ship by barely an inch. The winds and thunder grew louder and more menacing. Rain began to escape the clouds above them and fall in loud showers across the ship. 
"Hold on!" 
Peter laughed as the ship dove past another lightning bolt. They had passed the eye of the storm. Ahead a clear path formed between the dark clouds. Stars twinkled at them, as if they were marveling  in their success. For Peter, nothing was impossible. 
"To Neverland!" He yelled, and the boat sailed smoothly through the sky, toward the second star, and out of sight. 

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