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Monday, June 17, 2013

Dreams and Wishes

She read everyday, anywhere that she could find. By her favorite tree, in the garden, near the swan pond, and, of course, in her own reading nook on the second floor. It was a special place, where she could escape anything unpleasant that reality often shoved upon her. The stable boy often found her asleep, a book in hand while he walked to tend to the horses. Her head on her shoulder, and a fairytale book nearly falling from her hands. He would smile as he walked by, knowing full well that her governess would find her sooner or later, and in her dancing dress! Like the swan from the story, she felt trapped, and often told him so. Once, she read to him, and he loved the story. It was about a poor boy, like himself becoming a hero and saving a princess from the giant's castle. One day, he was sure, he would rescue her, and they would find a place to be free. But these were dreams, wishes and fantasies that they both clung to. Maybe if they believed in wishes, dreams and fairytales, their belief would be strong enough to set them free. 

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