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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It was my favorite place. Just by the water, the smooth rocks left just enough room for a path to jump across the bank. I could make a small campfire and grill pancakes by the spot where I used to imagine I was queen of the fairies. It all came back to me while I gazed at the area where I spent most of my childhood. Even now, with my grand sailing expeditions and my collection of merchandise from around the world, nothing could compare to the sanctuary of my imagination. I could almost hear our giggles and see the world from younger eyes as I sat across from the water and watched the dragonflies dart from one rock to another. The place was timeless and special. Not just any river bank. Here I sailed across the sea, became a divine ruler and survived a journey across a dangerous bridge. Soon my children would have these adventures, and discover a world so close and yet so far from home. 

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