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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Palace across the bridge

Milla stared across the Cloud Sea, waiting for the bridge to let her pass. For many years, the Sky people lived in this great fortress. Their flying ships explored the mountains and world of clouds, rock and sky. For years, she waited for her turn. Her turn to go across the bridge, learn how to sky sail and follow Jacob to the other side of the Air World Division. The crystals on the bridge would glow if they let her pass, but she had to be approved by Skaith, the great magician who guarded the bridge. It was said that the King himself give Skaith this task in order to protect his fortress and allow only those who were deemed worthy to pass. As Milla knew, the only way anyone could take over the fortress would be within, or beyond the border of the cloud wall that guarded the Sky People and kept the King on his throne.
The crystal began to change color as Milla watched it. Two merchants were allowed to cross the border. Only their merchandise granted them access to the palace, but one day Milla would cross that bridge, she was after all the daughter of the greatest Sky Sailor and explorer that the Air World Division had ever known. She would cross that bridge, learn to sail and find her father, whenever he was. Everyone knew that the King was devastated by his best friend's disappearance, but Milla believed that she could find her father, and have her own adventures, discovering the sky continents. All she had to do was go across that bridge. She watched the merchants walk through the crystal arch and formed her plan.

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