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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kdrama month prompt 30: A Kdrama that made you sad

 I have two once again:

Autumn in My Heart (Autumn Fairy Tale)

This was a sad tragedy, but the actors did a great job making the audience believe in the complicated past and binding fate that brought these characters together again. All of the symbols of Autumn meant something important to the story and created the atmosphere of a sweet love story. I liked all of the season based dramas made by the same writer who wrote Autumn in My Heart, but this story was the most sad of the four in my opinion.
Quote:  “I want to be reborn as a tree; that way I can plant my roots down, never move and can never be separated from the ones I love.”

49 days (Pure Love)

This was such an amazing  drama, and even though the ending wasn't unexpected, it was hard to accept. Ji-Hyun and the Scheduler found all the answers they needed, but the way of the world doesn't change. The characters most affected by this resolution were Hang Kang and Song Lee-Kyung. The ending of 49 days was realistic, and moving. But it was the saddest ending I ever saw in a Korean Drama.

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