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Friday, September 28, 2012

Kdrama month prompt 28: A Kdrama not loved by many, but you seem to like

I have two:

Goong S (Prince Hours)

I loved this drama. It was more light hearted than Goong and Yang Soon Ae was a strong female lead character.  I also liked Shin Sae Ryung in the end because she had her own story and character arc that helped her understand that she didn't have to pursue royalty in order to be happy.


This drama was cute, sweet and really funny. I loved Kyun Joon's character and watching him find a family of his own was really moving. All the fun Kdrama references to The Moon That Embraces The Sun and Queen Inyun's Man were great along with the random English phrases Kyun Joon would say when he was upset, really happy or confused. The mystery of Yoon Jae's past was also intriguing.

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  1. What episodes had the Moon Embraces the Sun and the Queen In Hyun's Man references? :)