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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yobi the Five Tailed Fox: Movie Review ( Spoiler Free)

I came across this film when I was doing research on Korean Folklore for my screenplay. 
It's available on Netflix, and it's the first Korean animated movie that I've seen. 

Story: Thousands of years ago, nine tailed foxes roamed the moutains, but they were driven out by humans. Yobi is the only one of her kind, and when aliens crash on the mountain where she lives, she takes them in, and they become a family. One day, one of the aliens is found by a human girl, and she takes him to her school. In order to get her friend back, Yobi poses as a human and goes to the school that the girl goes to. While trying to find a way to get her alien friend back, Yobi meets Geum-ee, a young boy who wants to be a comedian. As Yobi gets to know the humans at the school, and becomes more interested in Geum-ee a Gumiho hunter appears, and she is put in danger. Yobi learns that to spend time with humans, she must become one herself, but the price might be too high for her to pay. 

This movie was very interesting. The spirits, history and the world of the film gave it the same mysterious atmosphere of Spirited Away. 
Yobi is a curious, fun loving character, and she also has a good heart. As she sdapts to humans, she changes her values and morals. 
Some of the spirits were really strange, but they seemed to be part of the world of the film, and each brought their own element to Yobi's story. 
For some characters, there is little to no history about them. The shadow detective, the fox hunter and Yobi's spirit friend are never really explained. 
Still, the movie was very interesting and it dove into some philosophical topics. 
I would recommend this film to fans of Miyazaki, Korean Folkore and animation. 
Four out of five dreamcatchers. 

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