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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What if?

This year, I am a Municipal Liasson for NANOWRIMO. With this title comes much responsibility. My job is to inspire and encourage people to write, so most of my posts might focus on writing and inspiration this week and next month. 
"What if?" is a great question to ask before starting a story. It ties you to the theme, and maybe even the character growth in your story. 
The most recent story I finished writing- in rough draft form- answered a "what if?" 
This question is not only important in writing, but in art, designing, builiding, problem solving and even decision making. Sometimes the "what if?" is a risk. Other times it's a wish. 
Wherever the "what if" takes you is half of the fun in writing a story. The other half is finding the answer. 

There are quite a few stories I love with "what if?" questions. 

What if adventure was just outside your doorstep?

What if Cinderella was cursed to obey her every demand? 

What if you had what you were looking for all along? 

What if every book was actually a recording of real events in another world? 

What if . . .?  

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