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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy National Dog Day!

It's good to celebrate man's best friend! 
These are my bestfriends: Haley and Dingo. 

Haley was a beautiful Black Lab, and Dad and I named her after Hale Bop Comet. 
Haley loved going hiking, and when she was a puppy, her first fourteener was Mount Sherman at four months old!
Like any dog, Haley loved treats . . .
but she really loved snow!
Haley and I went on many adventures together.
She went hiking, camping and even canoeing! 

Haley was the sweetest black lab I will ever know :) 
When Haley was fourteen Dingo joined the family. And he fit right in. 
I think he enjoyed Halloween as much as Haley did. 
But he does like furniture. 
Dingo enjoys hiking as well . . . 
but his favorite thing is sunbathing. 
Dingo is one happy pup! 


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