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Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Element of Wonder

"Wonder is the elemental wisdom of a child, a wisdom that is wide open to awe." - T.A. Barron

"The best stories infuse wonder." - Andrew Stanton

Wonder is one of my favorite elements of a story. But it's not always easy to write. 
To be surrounded by the world, and to capture a brief moment in time is to be in wonder. It is an incredible and  magical part of a story. 
When the audience is in awe, they are with the characters in that moment, seeing the world through their eyes. They are no longer a passive observer, but a participant in the story itself. 
To create wonder, I think of things that leave me in awe in the real world: 
Bubbles: real for a moment, and gone in a moment
Rain in the sunshine: Streaks of light falling from the sky
Butterflies: living from moment to moment
Sunsets: vibrant colors that paint the sky
The ocean: each wave different, but still flowing
Waterfalls: Towering pillars of water reaching for the ground
The Night Sky: filled with stars and revealing just how small we are
Autumn Leaves: red and gold shades of once green plants
Fireworks: Bursts of light in the sky
Flying: skimming the clouds in a manmade craft
The Coral Reef: Beautiful fish in bright colors

There are so many things in life that create wonder. 
Here are my favorite movie, TV show and videogame scenes with wonder:

When Belle sees the library in Beauty and the Beast 
The magic carpet ride in Aladdin
Luigi's flight in Pokemon
The Rainbow bridge in Thor

Seeing Rivendell for the first time in Lord of the Rings
When Bilbo confront Smaug in The Hobbit
When Harry sees Diagon Alley in Harry Potter
When the Croods see the stars for the first time
When the Gargoyles come to life in Gargoyles
Yuna's dance in Kilika from FFX
When Lightning sees the Ceiling of Sky on Pulse in FFXIII
WaLLE and EVE dance in space
Remy sees the Paris skyline
Aang visits the Spirit World in Avatar the Last Airbender
The Land of Music in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
When Jane sees the Gorilla nest in Tarzan
The Coral Reef scene in Finding Nemo
The ballroom scene in Ever After
 The World beyond dreams in Inception
When Jake enters the Navi body in Avatar
Haku's flight in Sprited away
Sailor Moon's transfomation into Super Sailor Moon
Chibiusa's flight with Helios
The lantern scene in Tangled
The marriage vows between Rumple and Belle in Once Upon A Time
When Kairi saves Sora in Kingdom Hearts
When Ventus, Terra and Aqua watch the meteor shower in Birth by Sleep

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