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Monday, August 17, 2015

A Talk for Generation Y

So I have to be honest. This is my generation: the one born between 1983- 2002. And I'm currently at a point in my life where I have the power to choose what to do next. And I'm lucky enough to have the ability to choose between several options.
I have met several people from my generation throughout the world, and most of them, including me are terrified of the future. Student loans, the economy and so many other social and political topics have made this generation feel like they have no way to follow their passion.
I remember a talk I had, with several expats around my age, where we spoke of how doomed our generation was.
I was very surprised that my perspective of our situation was not the norm.
You see, I believe that this generation has the ability to prove all the naysayers, critics and the people that turn their nose up at our generation wrong. We have the challenge before us, and if we conquer that challenge, we will amaze the world!
Because it is so difficult, it's easy to see the meaning in facing it. 
Once again, it won't be easy, and yes things have become more difficult, but if we give up before we begin, what can the world say about us? 
After voicing my opinion to several other people my age, there was a stunned silence. 
"I've never thought of it that way." one person said, and "Maybe that's not so farfetched." another person said. But I was shocked. I had no idea that this perspective was so rare. 
Maybe it's because, I'm stubborn and I will face a challenge. Some might say I'm foolish and I watch too much Disney, but really? Is it so difficult? Is it really that tough to reach out to the world and find your calling? 
We have the technology, resources and the connections to find our way in the world. And I know that failure is possible, but it's never the end. 
I think Eunice Hii has a point. We can still follow our passion and find the motivation to discover that great career, and the thing is, passions change, goals change, and there's nothing wrong with that. 
What truly matters is to find the meaning in what you love to do, and to decide what it's worth to risk. 
I refuse to give up. And while my passion is to work for Disney, my purpose is to inspire others to overcome adversity and find the courage to be who they are. 
These facts took a long time to learn, but now that I know them, I'm one step closer to my goal. 
I agree with Eunice Hii. Even if it's not your job, you can be passionate about something and work toward it. You don't have to know your passion by a certain age, and it's okay if you haven't found it. 
My experience, both in identifying and pursuing what I love to do, is that life is really about meaning. If your hobbies, dream job and goals mean something to you, you will find a way to make them happen. 

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