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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Descendants: A Disney Channel Original Movie Review

Okay. I'll admit that when I first saw the pictures for the film, I was not so sure about it. I was already invested in Once Upon A Time, Ever After High, and following the University Ever After web series. All are good by the way. 
Descendants has a few similarities to Ever After High. But fairytales have been around for generations. 
Mal is Malificent's daughter, and the narrator of the story. She has a big name to live up to, and she's constantly putting pressure on herself to live up to her mother's name. She starts out living under her mother's shadow, along with Evie, the Evil Queen's daughter, Carlos, Cruella DeVil's son and Jay, Jafar's son. As the villians pressure their kids to be like them, the kids show off their own hobbies, but none of them are thrilled when they have to live among the goody goodies of the world. 
Ben, Beauty and the Beast's son invites the kids to have a second chance, and to write their own stories. But the kids see this as an opportunity to make their parents proud. 
Malificent is, of course, the mastermind and her plan is for the kids to steal the magic and break the barrier between the island and the kingdoms. 
Mal takes it upon herself to be the leader of the operation, and they get the welcome to the school that they expect. No one wants to be with the Villians' offspring. 
The only person who treats them like people at first is Ben. He really believes that they will try their best to be good students and decide what they want to do in their own lives, without the bad influence of their parents. As time passes, Mal is torn between knowing good from bad, and the call of her heart versus the call of her head. 
This movie was several things: 
1. Disney having fun with Disney- It had a similar atmosphere as Enchanted, with a High School twist. 
2. A character study- what are Mal and company really like? Who will they choose to be?
3. A commentary on the power of choosing who you are.
4. A fun musical: If Only and Did I Mention are my favorites :)

If Only (Spoilers) 

Did I mention (Spoilers) 

I enjoyed this movie. Especially for what it was, and I hope that I can help write the sequel. It would be fun to explore what happens next, as the second generation decides who they want to be. 

I give it five out of five chocolate chip cookies. :)

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