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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron

As most of you know, I'm a huge Marvel fan, and Captain America is my favorite avenger. 
Because this movie came out in Korea before the USA, I will keep the review spoiler free, but there are a few spoilers I will talk about, that will make no sense until you've seen the movie. 
In the first Avengers, these characters were just getting to know each other, and although they were already individual leaders, they had to find a way to work as a team. 
This movie sets up that dynamic really well, and we see each hero playing their part in the action. 
With six major characters, the movie had a decent plot, and we see each character face an inner conflict, and learn a little more about who they are. 
Captain America's inner conflict was heart breaking, while everyone else's focused on fear. 
In terms of the characters and conflict, I thought it was well balanced at the begining, but some conflicts were never addressed later in the film, though it may have been a setup for story in the sequel. 
This movie was more serious than the first Avengers. I didn't mind that too much, because the plot was philosophical and intriguing. We also see a lot of places around the world, and team work is a big theme in the film's story. 
The big bad of this film is someone unexpected, and the way Iron Man handles that bad guy seemed a little too convenient. A lot of the conflict in this film involves Iron Man's ideals for the world, and Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawk Eye and The Hulk have to deal with much of his actions. 
This is natural for his character, but at times, I felt it shifted the balance of the plot. 
Iron Man carried most of the comedy in the film, but his dark moments were so dark that it didn't quite make sense. I felt he had almost lost the character development we saw in the first one, as he makes so many selfish decisions that the others don't agree with. 
Hawk Eye had a wonderful part to play in this film, and some of the best lines of dialogue. He even has a mentor role in one scene that showed how mentally strong and heroic he is. I enjoyed his storyline in the film, and I felt like it was a heart of the story. 
Black Widow was amazing as usual, but we see a softer side of her character in this movie. Her story revolves around moving forward instead of looking back. She has a very confident prescence in the film, and she seems to be more comfortable in her own skin. 
The Hulk was very hestitant in this film. His inner conflict was a constant theme in the story, and it seems he has much more to learn. 
Thor was Thor, and his plot didn't really make a lot of sense, but I believe his story was really a set up for the next film. 
Captain America had the most heroic role, until close to the end, but much of his leadership, wisdom and morality was overshadowed by Iron Man's plot. In terms of the inner conflict, I think he handled his very well, and he ends the movie as a stronger and more confident character. 
Now for the spoilers. 
Many people have said that the romance subplot of the film was unecessary. I didn't mind it, but I will say that it was a little bit of a shock in terms of the back story for three major characters. I do disagree with the fact that people beleived there was no build up. I think there was a little potential for that in the first film, and there are a few moments between the characters that were endearing. 
For one character in particular, people say that this subplot weakens their character.  I disagree. In fact, I think this character is more balanced in terms of heart and mind. They are able to hold their own, and still admit what matters to them. 
Another spoiler, I loved the introduction of the newest Avenger, and how the character weighed in to the main plot. They may even be up there with Captain America as my favorite hero. 

Overall this movie was intense, entertaining and the story telling was very deep. Having so many characters can be difficult in terms of a solid plot, but I thought the themes, conflict and the philosophical elements of the story were well done. 
In my personal opinion, I would have liked to see more of Captain America, but that's just because he's amazing. 
I would give this movie four out of five space gems. 

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