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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: A review

"Time waits for no one."

It's a really interesting question. What would you do if you could go back in time? Matoko, a seventeen year old girl is able to leap through time and change the outcome of her future, but she only has the ability to leap for a limited time. 
At first she relives her favorite moments with her two friends Chiaki and Kosuke, trival things to others, but meaningful to her, but the more she leaps, the more things change, and one particular moment she keeps coming back to is the science classroom where a single line is written on the black board: "Time waits for no one." 
As Matoko discovers, her powers have consequences, and what she enjoys makes others suffer. She must decide what time is worth spending, and how to use this gift, but the people around Matoko have secrets of their own. Her aunt Kazuko knows about time travel, and her goal to restore a painting ties in to the events that Makoto keeps reliving: a fatal train accident, the blackboard in the science classroom and the mysterious painting her aunt is trying to restore for the future. 

This is a movie that makes you think, and the story is left up to the viewers interpretation. But the underlying theme of time creates an interesting perspective, as well as the repeated phrase "Time waits for no one." Many people have argued over how this movie really ends, and that what order the events are shown is not the actual timeline in the film, but the ambiguity of this story is what makes it special. You must decide in the end what Makoto choses to do with her time. 
I give it a solid four out of five leaps. 
(Chiaki was a mysterious character, but I believe he was supposed to be. I just wasn't a fan of him calling Makoto stupid even if it was meant to be endearing)  

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