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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Writing Prompt 55: Fall

I knew I would change eventually. It is inevitable. Some look forward to the change, while others rebel against it. Either way, change will happen. First the green fades, and then a dull yellow takes its place. The yellow turns to gold. The gold turns to orange, and the orange eventually becomes red. Fall. Fall takes place, and I will fall, crumpled on the ground. 
Sure, I can worry about the change. I can be angry about it, and think that it isn't fair. My time is ending, but at least I can shine bright. I will be the best green while I can. I will try to turn the dull yellow into a sparkling gold. And that gold will become a red that is almost flaming. I will live before I fall. I will cherish the moments tied to this tree, and I will try to fall gracefully. Maybe I will land on a child's head, or be raked in a pile to create a fragile fort. I could be plastered in a collage, or flatened between the pages of a book. I could be a souvenir of a fall vacation. But until I am left to the mercy of the world, I will be the best at one thing. I will be the best version of me. 

Prompt: You are a leaf, and fall has started. Explain how you feel about this.

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