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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Park at Sunset

Setting the scene: A crowded park, with the sun beginning to set
It's absolutely Autumn now. A soft glow of gold outlines everything.

I walk past the crowded field of grass and playground, heading for the bridge for a nice view. I walk with my ipod. The music mellows the atmosphere from crowded to comforting. I walk past the swing set and a boy on a tricycle waves at me with a smile.
"Hello." He says, and I notice that he's missing a tooth. I smile, wave and say hello as well. He pedals past me and I can see the bridge now. A few joggers can be seen on the path. They eventually pass by me with their bright jackets and steady pace. Near the bridge a couple is walking their dog. I smile and wave, but the lady looks away. I shrug and keep going. 
It's a nice walk, and I always enjoy stopping at the bridge to admire the view. It reminds me of a scene in one of my favorite stories, where a couple meets at a bridge in London, if only to talk for a few hours. Circumstances separate them, but they both stay true. 
I begin to wonder if I'm waiting for destiny. The bridge is rickety and unstable beneath me. A few couples walk past me holding hands while taking a stroll, biking and just out enjoying nature. 
I walk on.
It's a peaceful moment, and I'm caught in my music. I'm enjoying the late sun, the beautiful gold, red and orange hues. I'm with nature, yet I'm typing all this on my iphone. Whoever sees me could suspect me of texting, which I find amusing. Some people actually do stare, and I try to suppress a giggle as I smile and wave to each person passing by. 
A pink haze brushes the horizon. Sunset. My favorite time of day.
The music on my ipod varies from classical instrumental to drums and lyrics. Each song affects my pace and helps me keep moving, staying distracted by the steady rhythm of footsteps, music and fresh air. 
Every now and then I say hi to the people who walk, jog or bike by me.
The first star pokes out of a blue and purple sky. To me, this is the most enchanting time of day. In about thirty minutes, it's all over. The sun sinks lower in the sky, and I'm no longer in Twilight Town. I'm in a dusty neighborhood just walking home.

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