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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Writing prompt 29: By the time you read this . . .

By the time you read this

I will be writing another story.
The dogs will be tapping, their claws echoing on the wood floor.
Soft music will be playing on my phone as I scribble in a notebook.
I'll be reading a story and hardly aware of the world around me.
Snow will be falling outside, as another winter comes to pass.
The washing machine will hum softly as the time goes by.
I'll have put away the memories of years long past.
A soft breeze will send a chill through the window.
The smell of gingerbread will waft through the kitchen.
I'll be baking with mom and talking with dad about the latest news in the world.
The dogs will claim the living room by sitting in the exact middle.
The oven will beep, announcing the  arrival of a fresh baked good.
I'll be laughing with my brother at a video game.
The street lights will wink on and off.
The soft tapping of computer keys will accompany loud music.
I'll be singing.
Disney music will echo through the house.
The dishes will be washed.
The clouds will be hanging in the air.
And I'll be somewhere between fantasy and reality.

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