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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Goddess of Chance

         My days usually begin when I want them to. If I want it to rain, a slight storm starts up next to my window. If I want flowers, the flowers of my choice grow in the garden. Every now and then, a god or goddess will drop by and tell me a story. But this story, or rather, this project did not go the way I planned.
        As a goddess I have a specific job. I must represent and act upon the idea or symbol I am known by according to the mortals I observe. It may sound like an easy job, with a lot of benefits, and in one way it is. I control what happens and who it happens to. I live in a palace of my own creation with one room dedicated to my work. A single room that holds a giant pool of water, and shows the world of the mortals below.
        From this mirror I can decide who to listen to, and of course who to interfere with, but there are rules I have to follow. I must be subtle. An obvious goddess is doomed to be bothered by every mortal she helps. Once you offer one thing, they always come back for more. I must be in disguise whenever I travel to the mortal world, and I must be mysterious enough to hide my identity but informative enough to make my motive clear.
        It's frustrating at times. Some mortals are brighter than others, and some mortals actually care about their lives while others float about in a sea of mystery. Going with the flow they call it. I envy them. For they are able to live their lives, make something of themselves, while I dip in and out of the world, unnoticeable.
        As the goddess of chance, I took an oath to stay in my palace and observe the world until someone calls me, or until I decide to make something interesting happen. It is my gift and my curse.

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