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Friday, January 20, 2012

Chaos in an orderly fashion

 Prompt: Describe a place you know from the perspective of someone with amnesia.

The first thing I noticed was blue, a  soft one that filled the ceiling and walls accented by flimsy green curtains.A bookshelf stood by the doorway, unorganized and decorated with fancy snow globes, music boxes and a mug. Who lived here? Was it really me?I tried to understand the assortment of necklaces, books, stuffed animals and toys. Who was I? The room had an accent. One of calmness and comfort. Something childish was thrown in, yet it still belonged there. The random collage of items that varied in time. Some items were fragile, porcelain or glass. Some items were soft and cozy, a teddy bear or bunny rabbit. All of the items had a place next to a book series or a venetian mask. Each one told a story. It was chaos in an orderly fashion. Never before had I become so acquainted with a stranger.

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