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Monday, November 7, 2011

Writing Prompt 23: Descolliding

Prompt: Make up a new word and then give it a definition

Descolliding: A (V. N. ADJ.)(v) the action of deciding based on two or more opinions of others and yourself. (n) situation in which a decision collides with others' perspectives of yourself (adj.) A modifier used to describe a moment in which a person must choose who they will be and weigh people's opinions and their own.

The word comes from "Decision" and "colliding" as well as "description". It represents the moments in life where you reach a crossroads and have to make a decision that determines who you are and where you belong. Most descolliding moments are chances to grow and change. They often occur during a period of self discovery. When you are faced with a descolliding moment, you can't think of what anyone else wants, you must only think of what you want and go for it. The important of descolliding is a rite of passage where you either learn to be true to yourself, or allow others' opinions to collide with your life.

picture: The two sides of Mulan. Mulan has a descolliding moment when she decides to replace her father in the army.

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  1. Love it Sarah. I think this work can be used throughout our lives. We keep descolliding at different stages in our lives.