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Thursday, November 10, 2011


My Dad tells me life is all about choices. The choices we make,the choices
others make, and the way we imterpret those choices.
People use your choices to define you and base their opinion on you by deciding
what your choices mean to them. But, yout choices can also determine how you feel
about yourself. Whether or not you give yourself credit or give others credit.
Whether you allow yourself to get angry, happy or sad. Whether you let others get
angry, happy or sad. All of these choices define who you are and determine who you
will be. The way you view yourself is determined by the choices you make, the honesty
you have to yourself, and the honesty you have to others. I'm currently learning about this
both in my life and in the stories I'm writing. I've had to make some tough choices. Choices
that determine my future, my personality and ultimately myself. All of these choices are important,
but there is one thing I've learned. When you make these choices, you must choose the one you
will regret the least.

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