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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Growing Up

I just saw the Muppet Movie and there was
a quote that really stood out to me. "It's easier
to believe in others, it's harder to believe in
yourself. That's what growing up is all about."
I think that's true, at least for me. I've spent
all of my life believing in the people around me,
but I rarely believe in myself. I think that saying
about you being your own worst critic is very true.
As my last semester in college draws to a close, I
have learned more about myself than any other semester
and I have started to be aware of the changes people go
through and the difficult decisions that shape your future.
Life is all about testing yourself to learn who you are.
Discovering your strengths and weaknesses is part of growing
up. And, it's often the strengths that are forgotten during
difficult times.

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