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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Writing Prompt 18 : Childhood

Prompt: For me, the sound of childhood is . . .

Wind chimes. The sound is light and airy and reminds me of spring. I used to listen to wind chimes in my neighborhood when I was little. I would ride my bike down the road, and if the wind blew just right, I could hear the soft clink of bells down the street. I was always fascinated with them when we went to the store, and so many wind chimes were lined up that I wanted to set them off at once. They were as pretty as necklaces and had such a clean sound. That sound always reminded me of laughter and every time I see or hear wind chimes, I think of those biking trips around the neighborhood. Childhood can be so simple, and yet so complicated, like a wind chime. The sound it makes is so pure, yet the sound is formed when many objects collide. Childhood is a wind chime of memories, but it is up to you how clear the sound will be.

What sound reminds you of childhood?

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