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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What determines the value of a film?

This was a question that was asked in my script writing classes today. Audiences tend to go into a film with certain expectations, and if those expectations are not met, the film is considered a bad film in their eyes. As far as I know, this is true for any movie watcher. The expectations are where things get tricky. Some expectations are based on the reaction to the trailer or other methods of marketing. Other expectations can be influenced by the movie goers morals, perspective and opinions. I found this very fascinating, due to the fact that I generally watch a film to determine the choices of characters. In truth, the way a person views a film says a lot about them. For example, Inception has two types of reactions within its audience. One side believes the ending is a dream, and the other believes the ending is reality. This simple expectation based on an ambiguous ending explains the perspective of the viewer. In some cases, the audience can have similar reactions to a film, but none of these reactions will ever be identical. With this said, the value of a film is clearly a personal choice of the viewer, but it also tends to be based on common perspectives and wishes of the public. What do you believe determines the value of a film?

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  1. This little thought draws me back to our massive debate after Transformers 3. For me, the value of a film lies in the entire aspect of storytelling, through the plot, the lighting, the characters, etc.