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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reaching for the star

Maybe I should build a ladder,
each plank a step
in the right direction.
There are many things I think of
before I grab the wood.
What if it isn't sturdy?
What if lightning strikes?
Or an earthquake?
So many obstacles.
So much hesitation.
Will I ever build the ladder?
Or is it easier than I believe?
This difficult climb
is my own.
No one can help me.
No one can tell me how to get there.
They only know their own steps.
Their own ladder.
It makes sense.
And yet, it's frustrating.
This ladder . . .
Is it made of wood at all?
Perhaps the material is metal.
The tools are varied for different people.
Maybe the shape of the ladder is different for others.
But while I stand here,
contemplating other people's ladders,
and other people's climb
to reach their star,
My own ladder is nothing.
No wood.
No tools.
No courage.
No hope.
No way of reaching the star.
I now know,
after all these thoughts
that I must find my own tools,
build my own structure,
and listen to my own heart.
Only then, can I reach the star.

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