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Monday, August 8, 2011

Writing Prompt 17: Change

Prompt: Why change anything about yourself?

Sometimes a change is necessary in maturity. It is a personality trait, or a way of thinking. These changes can help improve a person's life or open their mind to a new idea. Changing is a difficult process, and it does take time. I think that the most crucial time to change yourself is when you are miserable or depressed. In that state of mind, it is probably best to become more of a positive than negative thinker. Perhaps another time to change yourself is when you're lonely or disappointed. It may be that you blame others for habits within yourself. It has been said that you can't change anyone else, but you can change yourself. The first step to action in these situations is to change yourself for the better. Being stuck in the same useless cycle, where you blame everyone else or get angry at the world is a horrible way to live life, and the most important time to change yourself. But, change is not necessarily something that isn't true to yourself. It could be a discovery of uncharted areas in your mind and heart. So in a way, if you change yourself for the better, you are actually discovering who you truly are.

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