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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Traveling Tuesdays 1

Bittersweet Park

This park was a sanctuary for me when I was stressed out during my college semester. I went there during many different times of the day. Usually around noon, couples would walk around the pond, or walk their dog. A few people in business suits took a stroll during their lunch break. Earlier than noon, mothers and children would occupy the playground and pass out snacks for an afternoon outing. If the weather was nice, I would stay until an hour before dinner, walking around, writing in my notebook and listening to music. I would watch a family of ducks make their way around the bridge and a flock of seagulls compete with crows for a stretch of grass by the pond. Sometimes I would choose a bench, and other times I would find a small patch of grass for a mini picnic. It was the perfect place to unwind and exercise. I also wrote many details of the park in my Writer as a Witness journal for classes.

A Day at Bittersweet Park:

1. Flock of white birds
With black tipped wings
Stand on frozen water
Watching waves
In running water
2. The water on the lake was frozen as though the wind blew waves in mid-rush
3. I pass a sculpture that looks like two tall, melting snow men. If the snow fell near it, and covered the sign, it would blend in.
4. The tree branches curved to form an arch above the small fenced section of the blue house’s yard.
5. I watch the birds fly in circles, letting the wind take them where it will.

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