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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Book Review: The Throne of Fire

Anyone who has read Percy Jackson knows that Rick Riordan has the ability to mix mythology, sarcasm and adventure all into one. His recent series The Kane Chronicles is told through Clever Carter and his sister Sadie. Now his new novel The Throne of Fire adds more action and sarcasm than the first.
From the beginning, we are reminded that the book is actually a recording and the last recording mentioned a red pyramid and a certain locker inside a school. In this recording, not only are we introduced to two new characters, apprentices of Sadie and Carter, but we also learn that New York is home to "other gods". Carter mentions that he might have seen a winged horse at one point. A new challenge presents itself for the Kane siblings. They must find the book of Ra which has been separated into three scrolls. But the gods are not all on their side. It's a race against the clock as both Carter and Sadie try to find the scrolls before the solstice, and avoid the gods and goddesses that are not so keen on their plan. I highly recommend this book to anyone that craves adventure, fun, chocolate and zebras, and I rate the "recording" five out of five Egyptian relics.
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