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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What I learned from Korean Drama (so far)

1. Teddy Bears can make worries go away
2. When you're frustrated or stressed, all you have to do is say "aja, aja fighting!" and then you feel better.
3. If one of your high heeled shoes breaks, all you have to do is break the other one, and tada flats!
4. Pancakes make everything better
5. When you're going to the battle field, you will need weapons. For the rich and famous, the weapons are new shoes and dresses.
6. If you don't want to see someone at a suitcase shop, hide in a suitcase.
7. Collecting snow globes is a romantic hobby.
8. When you're in love with someone, close your eyes and count to five. If you see that person when your eyes open, you are meant to be!
9. When you are sad, all you need is food and friends.
10. Playing hide and seek with Venetian masks is a great way to forget your troubles.
11. Never put a note to your mother in her bible. The note could be read as a prayer request in front of the entire church!
12. The more you run from the past, the more your past will haunt you.
13. Royalty have a different way of eating with chopsticks.
14. Love can begin with a business card.
15. Some things cannot be repaired once they are broken.
16. When you want to run, don't go far, go up to the highest place you can think of.
17. Ramen can be eaten dry, just sprinkle the seasoning up top and take a bite.
18. Cherry tomatoes can make you feel better.
19. All couples are required to have a spat about driving a car.
20. When you receive a love letter, it is not a good idea to correct the person's grammar or give them a grade -_-
21. When you're angry, play racquetball.
22. Stepping on the white lines on a cross walk can bring you good luck.
23. A good method of revenge on someone is to give them an embarrassing ringtone.
24. The best way to eat a lettuce wrap is to shove the entire thing in your mouth.
25. Pandas don't wear pants.
26. Even the smallest trinket can be an important gift from a loved one, tied by memory.
27. Love doesn't come with a specific age group. It can happen any time during your life.
28. Making pastries requires lots of concentration and doodles.
29. Magic is what you make it.
30. Never give up on your dream.
31. Yogurt is the best thing to have when you are feeling down.
32. A full life is never what you think it is.
33. Sometimes things happen for a reason.
34. Making a stuffed animal is a process including, sanitation, surgery and meaning.

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