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Friday, November 5, 2010

Survival in College 101 stress relievers

1. Chocolate (This is a given)
2. Music (always a great way to relax while writing papers)
3. Fish (Believe it or not watching fish is very relaxing -proven in hospitals)
4. Exercise (Whether it's the daily workout or a stroll around campus)
5. For writers a journal will help emotional breakdowns (or a blog ;)
6. Make a list of favorite movies and watch them when you can
7. Literally Meditate (breathe or hum)
8. Dance (whether it's around your room or in a class)
9. A happy token (something that makes you smile on a key-chain or in your pocket)
10. Walkabout moments (go to a place all your own and relax)
11. Naps (not just for Kindergarten)
12. List three good things about your day (I did this on the blog for awhile)
13. Take things one at a time (too many events are overwhelming)
14. Make a schedule (if you have to)
15. crafts (creating things helps :)
16. don't beat yourself up about whatever it is (instead do something about it)
17. Take things as lessons instead of curses
18. Screaming in a pillow has been proven to help
19. Play with pets (They can sense emotions- especially dogs and cats)
20. Do at least one thing for yourself - a candy bar or even a trip to the movies
21. Sometimes you have to ignore things

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