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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Prompt: List 15 simple pleasures. Pick one and write about it.

1.Hot Chocolate
2.The sound of rain
3.Calming music
4.A Disney movie
5.Cat nap
6.A warm fire
7.Glass of Lemonade
8.Ray of sunshine
9.Curling up with a good book
10.Star gazing
12.Bubble Bath
14.Sitting by a pond
15.Listening to a breeze

It begins with a dream, and a small bit of magic. Good music and fun mirror the happiness of childhood. It's always a story about what really matters. The things to be thankful for are learned in an entertaining way. Beautiful artwork and character development add depth to the tale. The people we want to be, and the things we want to achieve are given through a film. Each movie leaves a mark and brings hope to a dark and dreary world. The family stories that help you believe in yourself and others around you. To me, these movies are a simple pleasure. It's a way to believe and still keep your imagination alive. Maybe reality isn't always so rosy. But everyone wants a happy ending and something to believe in.

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