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Monday, November 8, 2010


I used to know a friend who said they hated the word faith. According to them, faith was blind and unrealistic in many situations. Of course by giving my definition of faith, you may recognize it as hope instead of faith. I believe you need to know some of what you believe in. You may not know the majority of the subject, however the emotion of faith is not something that stands alone. To have faith, you must have trust. These words go hand in hand and never seem too far from each other. Hope is another common element that accompanies faith and trust. Anyway, faith to me is not just walking blindly into some situation. You know one thing for sure, yourself. Once you know that, no situation can be handled blindly. All you can do at that point is your best. Faith in yourself is a little different from having faith in someone else. It involves a certain persona which you learn to respect. In order to have faith in yourself, you have to believe you can handle certain situations. You need to know your tools and understand your strengths along with your weaknesses. So having faith in yourself isn't a blind emotion. Having faith in someone else, of course, is an entirely different story. One, you don't know this person like you know yourself. Two, you only know the strengths and weaknesses they tell you. Three, you have to trust them (a completely different emotion). That's two types of faith that I've defined in my own terms, but the faith I really want to discuss is faith in life. Now this is not the religious kind, it is made of a completely different idea. It doesn't really involve trust either, that's more of an opinion of a person. (Can you trust life? Will life help you?) Faith in life, to me is a lot like hope. Hope is what you have when nothing else is left. After all you've tried and all you've failed, hope is the only continuous emotion to get you through the day. But faith in life comes with hope. Hope and faith in life are a package deal. You must hope that life will be better in order to have faith that things will change. You must be an observer of your own definition of life before you can truly have faith in it. This is difficult to do. Life is complicated and confusing. Most of life is taken for granted and many happy moments never last long enough. So having faith in life, is similar to having faith in the unknown, but you still have an idea of what life is like. You know that life is not easy. But faith in life requires a little perspective. So, Faith in life is an important element to survival. Sometimes you have to believe that things will take their course. Good or Bad

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