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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book Review: The Two Princesses of Bamarre

Sometimes the bravest heroes come from the shyest people. Addie learn this lesson when her sister falls sick with The Gray Death, a terrible sickness started by a dragon and with no known cure. All her life she dwelt in her sister Meryl's shadow. But, once her sister catches the Gary Death, Addie finds the courage to attempt a quest for her sister's sake. Along the way she recites the Epics of Drualt, the only hero to survive a dragon battle and takes all the risks she never would have dreamed she could handle. Being friends with a wizard is a plus, but the dangers of spectors, dragons, gryphons and spiders block her path to find the cure. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was done in the similar style to Ella Enchanted, yet the story was much more serious and the main character struggled with being timid versus being courageous. Addie takes on the myth quest and individuates herself through the love of her family and her determination to be the best sister she can be. The ending is little surprising, and the message is deeper than I expected. All in all I give this book four out of five epic Drualt tales. A great read to escape reality and dive into personality.

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