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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass: A Movie Review

The last time we saw Alice, she declared her independence and turned down a very prestigious lord for marriage. When we return to her world, she is returning home from an adventurous voyage near China. Things have changed since she went away, and she is forced to choose a life of adventure or a life of stability. During all this, she runs into Absoleum who brings her back to Underland where the Hatter needs her help. 
Time itself is against her as she tries to make the Hatter better, but it is Time that she must confront in order to make him well again. 
Convinced that his family is alive, the Hatter is fading with the memory of his past woes and mistakes. He wishes to see his family again because of the way that he left them: with bitterness and anger. 
Alice is determined to help her friend, but she is also bitter about her own situation. She doesn't want to leave her ship and her father's memory behind. 
She visits the master of Time at his castle where he tells her that she can't change the past, but she can learn from it. Alice doesn't listen, and she becomes determined to set things the way she believes they are supposed to be. But it all continues to follow the same pattern that it has previously. Alice cannot change the moment the Red Queen decided to be the Red Queen, or the moment that the Hatter's family was attacked by the Red Queen. She also can't change the fact that Hamish is determined to have her sign over the deed to the ship that was her father's pride and joy. 
So what does Alice do? Well, that's the important element of the story. 

I enjoyed this film as much as I enjoyed the first Alice in Wonderland. It also has important messages that I needed to hear at this moment in my life. 
"You can't change the past, but you can learn from it." - Time
" Every day is a gift, every hour and every second." -Alice

Alice can control her reaction to her circumstances, and she can appreciate all the time she has spent with her friends, new and old. 
Her decision at the end of the movie is an important one, and a lesson that very few learn. The past is past, but what matters is what you are able to do now. 

I give this movie five out of five pocket watches.

The soundtrack is also wonderful, and Pink's song at the end wraps it up nicely. 

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