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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finding Dory: A Movie Review

Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Pixar films, so I was thrilled when the trailer to Finding Dory came out. Dory is such an interesting character, and it was really cool how they tied in the events of Finding Nemo with Finding Dory. 
This film is just as fun and heartfelt as the first movie, and it features new characters that are each unique in their own way.
The film starts where the first one ended, but Dory is starting to remember things she never remembered before. As she experiences flashbacks from her past, only one thought remains, she must find her parents. Those memories take her, Marlin and Nemo on a spontaneous journey where Dory relies on one thing, instinct. Because her memories are scattered, and she has short term memory loss, Dory can only go one step at a time. She can form a plan, but she doesn't remember it for very long. As Marlin and Nemo learn to go by this way of life, it becomes apparent that there is something more powerful than memory- destiny. 
Dory's journey to find her family, and to overcome her fears of being alone contains some great messages that I don't see in very many films. One particular message hit home in terms of how random and at times crazy life can be. But if you just keep swimming, who knows what can happen. :) 
I give this film five out of five purple seashells. It's right up there with Finding Nemo for one of my favorite Pixar storylines.   

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