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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For the Dreamer

You do wander
Through fairytale dreams.
You've gone through pain.
Your heart's ripped at the seams.

Like a river you travel
Through mud, trees and rock,
Constantly checking
The ever ticking clock.

The rushing.
The waiting.
There is no in between.   

Has life lost its wonder?
Its color?
Its sheen? 

It can't be
That bad.
Not after all
The effort and work.
The tumble and fall.

Where are you now?
Are you still there? 
Lost in the woods,
Without a care? 

Must you keep waiting
For life to begin? 
Must you keep fighting
Until you win?

Who are you really? 
A willow? 
A flower? 
Do you still have 
That special power?

To rise from the mud,
The dirt and the grime.
To find your true nature?
The reason?
The rhyme?

Are you too selfish? 
Or not selfish enough?
Will you continue forward
When the roads get too rough? 

Have I lost you? 
Or tossed you aside? 
Is there somewhere you've found?
A safe place to hide? 

Inspiration, it seems
Was your true goal.
It was part of your charm.
Your aura.
Your soul. 

Beautiful dreamer
Will you heed the call?
To find your true purpose
And tear down that wall? 

What do you see
From where you stand?
Am I the person
For whom you demand? 

Did I follow the steps
You scribbled on paper? 
In another time
Where life seemed much safer. 

Where choices were simple,
And happiness, easy.
No dream was silly,
Stupid or cheesy. 

If you can hear me
From the grey to the light,
In the starry sky
That shines so bright

I'm sorry I forgot you
And pushed you away.
I'm determined to find you
And ask you to stay.

Hand in hand we'll run
Through flowers and rain.
We'll laugh, cry
Let go of the pain. 

From there we'll talk
Through anger and guilt
And create a blueprint 
For the life we have built. 

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