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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Lego Movie: A Movie Review (Possible Spoilers)

I wanted to see this movie the minute I saw the trailer. The film looked fun, creative and brought back memories of Lego building when I was a kid. 
First of all, I want to say that you should go see this movie. I don't care how old you are, or what you even think of Legos or children's films. This movie has so many good qualities and it's just a fun story. 
Emmet, the main character is someone that I believe we all can relate to. He's the archtypal underdog, trying to fit in and be noticed. He wants to be special, to be remembered and to make a difference. He follows the instructions and does what everyone else does. But he is meant to be more than that, because he is the hero of a prophecy that will save all of Lego world. Once he is brought to the Master Builders, the creative heros of the lego world, Emmet begins his journey on discovering what he is capable of. But Emmet isn't the hero that everyone's expecting, and he begins to realize that not only is he different from the crowd that he tried to fit in with, he's different from the Master Builders and what the Master Builders expected him to be. He begins to doubt himself, and he tells himself that he doesn't have the ability that they do, to be creative. Even when the wizard Vitruvius tells him to believe in himself, he doesn't. So through the first act of the movie, he watches the other master builders, but once he creates something, and it works, his confidence in himself and his abilities steadily grows until he becomes a leader. 
Now I want to talk about the antagonist of the movie, Mr. Business. He wants everything to be perfect, and his idea of perfection is order. He brainwashes his citizens through television, keeping them distracted from any originality, and he wants total and ultimate control over everything and everyone. His obssesion becomes a madness that doesn't paint him in a good light. 
But this movie is more than it seems. It's not just a story about Emmet becoming a hero. It's not just a story about Legos. Once the movie takes a quite dramatic, and yet familar turn, you will understand what is really going on, and why Mr. Business is obssesed with perfection and order. 
In fact it was the final act of this movie that moved me the most, because it all made sense: Emmet feeling like he didn't fit in, The corporate versus the creative and the reason behind the prophecy. 
This movie is fun, inspirational and has a wonderful message. 
"The only thing anyone needs to be special is to believe they're special." - Vitruvius
From that belief alone, a web of ideas grows and you discover who you truly are, and what you are capable of. Sometimes we forget this when we focus on a goal or a dream. We compare ourselves to others, tell ourselves that we're not good enough, and we get wrapped up in what we believe is reality. This film has something for everyone. With character cameos, clever jokes, great voice acting and a wonderful story, The Lego Movie is a film worth watching. 
I give it five out of five Unikitties. 

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