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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Sometimes life will hit you all at once. One thing after another doesn't go as planned. Unexpected events occur and surprising revelations come to you. You're on an unstable path, jumping from one illusion of security to another, all the while trying to accept each situation and be able to move on. 
There's a saying: "the darkest hour is just before the dawn." Just when you think all is lost, the light will shine through and show you the way. 
This is the point of transition. When things fall apart, it's a sign that things will change. But, if you don't accept or believe things will change, then you will be caught in a cycle of misery and disappointment. 
I have to be honest. I'm in this stage right now, and I'm afraid I haven't been able to stay strong, and I haven't been able to deal with anything. 
Yes, I still believe in that light, but my path is a mess! I have a lot of choices to make, internal and external. Life is pulling me in all kinds of directions. But I need to be strong. I need to get through this. 
I'm sure that there are many people out there who have worse situations than I do, but I also know that I can't hide how I feel or what I need. 
This is the point of change, transition, and a defining moment on the hero's journey. It's time to face my dragons head on. Time to get up and move! Time to take charge, and time to discover who I truly am. This is no one's fault but mine. 
This time, I will make the change!

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