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Monday, February 10, 2014


How am I supposed to feel

if I've cherished someone

who didn't 

cherish me?

Once it became 

too difficult

to keep in touch,

I was simply gone

from their mind.

How can I be 


How could I be

wiped from their life

because I didn't matter

that much?

No goodbye.

No well wishes.

Just a mask

and an act 

disquised as caring.

Was I not part of their story?

Was my name even mentioned

in their tale?


They only kept

the parts of me

that they wanted.

They only remembered 

the times that 

I was their ideal.

Yet I . . .

miss them. 

I am sad 

that they are no longer

a part of my story. 

While I didn't exist in their tale,

they existed in mine. 

Why do I care more about 

people who don't care for me?

How could I have been


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