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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy 22nd Anniversary Sailor Moon!

Happy Anniversary to the first superhero I wanted to be! I discovered Sailor Moon in elementary school, and from the first episode, I aspired to be as brave and powerful as a sailor senshi. 
Sailor Moon inspired me. This story taught me that an ordinary girl can be brave enough to vanquish the darkness in the world, and no battle is too difficult. There is always a way to win, if you believe in love and justice. The mythology behind Sailor Moon was one of my favorite parts of the series. The idea that the stars told stories, and the Earth was just one part of the Alliance that protected the Moon and fought against the evil in the universe. Sailor Moon was a princess, but she was also a warrior, the only warrior that never backed down when she faced the enemy. While fighting evil alongside her friends, Sailor Moon became more than a middle school student and Sailor V fan. She became the savior of the universe, and grew into an amazing hero that stood for love, courage and hope. 
My favorite series of Sailor Moon is the Super S series. The enemy tried to spread negative thoughts, feelngs and destroy dreams. Each victim would have a dream, and the enemy would rip the dream away from them by telling them it was too difficult, it was impossible, and they would never earn the right to make that dream happen. Sailor Moon's speech to the victim was always inspirational. She didn't say that it would be easy, but she did say that a lot can happen when you believe in yourself and never give up. 
Sailor Moon's battles were external, but they represented the internal struggles we all have in daily life. Each epic battle of good and evil stood for a battle within. Sailor Moon was far from perfect, but she was human. Her determination, courage and belief in herself have inspired me to do the same. 

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