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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Star Sundays 2: Why stars are so important

Stars are beacons of hope in a vast sea of darkness. Without the stars, only the moon and planets would be visible points of light, and the night sky would bring fear instead of wonder. Stars tell stories through the imaginations of people deciphering their patterns in the sky. These small but effective lights in the sky bring hope to those that fear the darkness. Darkness represents the unknown, which scares many people. The Unknown can represent anything. Only light can define the darkness. Light represents knowledge. This makes stars important bits of information, slowly defining the unknown areas of space. No star is exactly alike in age, color or size. Though they are all giant balls of flame, each star has their own lifespan, defining color, name and purpose. So, without stars, life would seem a murky and scary place to all who fear the unknown.

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