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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Silly Saturdays 2: A tale of Louie and Louisa

There once were two monkeys
named Louie and Louisa.
They both ate bananas
like teens eat pizza
Banana Pudding
Banana Chips
They even had
Banana cookies and dips
You'd think they would tire
Of the same flavor,
but these silly monkeys
would only savor
every dish they created with flair.
But one day. . . the bananas weren't there!
With no fruit to eat, the moneys were sad.
A life without bananas, to a monkey, is bad.
So off they went
in search for salvation.
They traveled to the tree monkey train station.
Once they arrived, they noticed one thing.
None of the monkeys were there to swing
The vines were empty, the bananas were gone.
For Louie and Louisa, this was simply wrong.
They searched for the lion, king of the land,
hoping the he would come up with a plan.
But the lion was also away from his lair.
They sighed and cried, and picked eachother's hair.
It was time for bed, and the moneys were lost.
This was as normal as jungle frost.
But as they arrived to their very own tree
They heard a roar and a shout of "WHOOOOPEEEE!".
The lion and tree monkeys laughed in their wake.
The bananas had become a giant cake.
Louie and Louisa grinned in delight.
And Louie dove in to have the first bite.


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