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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Scrapbook of the Teenage Girl

Congratulations Twilight fans! Now you too can go out in the woods, force your boyfriend to wear glitter and make pained expressions at each other while a friend or family member captures it all in photos. The Immortal Love scrapbook allows you to add finesse to your attempts with flashy backgrounds of meadows, apples and moons and the gothic red letter stickers mark your adolescent pact in blood. All you need to add to the fun is a battle of the teams with Team Edward and Team Jacob fans duking it out for the camera. This photo can go on the page with a spooky full moon and forest in the background. . . how romantic. If your boyfriend refuses to glitterize, you can do it yourself by sprinkling the stuff on the photo and pasting the picture next to the apple, just to make it official. Throw in a random rose that covers the entire page and you're done! So what do you think? Would you buy this product? I think if it is used for anything it has to be pictures of your boyfriend either trying to bite you, or howling like a wolf. Whatever team you're on, I'm sure your boyfriend will appreciate the honor (torture) to indulge your girlish fantasies.


  1. Love it. You have a way with words. You need to do a Youtube video comercial on this. Guys would appriciate it. I can see it now. Guys flocking to this video and sending it to their girlfriends. Get the message girlfriends?

  2. Thanks Mom! I'm glad you enjoyed it.