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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Purple Curtain: A Girl Meets World Theory

Very Interesting Storyline in the Ski Lodge part 1: 

Okay, so I finally saw Ski Lodge, and one thing in particular stood out to me and bothered me. 
Farkle's line in the Lucaya fantasy sequence: "Don't open that curtain!" 
Why would Farkle say this? What motive could he possibly have for stifling Riley and Maya's growth? 
In STEM, he wanted Riley to grow, right? 
Then I thought back to the previous episodes. 
Doesn't Farkle seem "on edge" lately? 
He has a blow up every episode now, but it's disregarded as a joke or ignored. 

Let's look at that curtain, and the signs on it. 

Doesn't this sound like Farkle's doing? Also, wasn't Farkle the one who wrote on the sign when they got to the ski lodge?

 I don't think that was a coincidence. 

Farkle is protecting that curtain. Why? 
More importantly, what's behind the curtain? 

A bomb! Why a bomb? What is the significance? 

Okay, here's my theory: Farkle's feelings are the bomb. Or at least the truth of how Farkle feels. 
I have two reasons for this. 
1. He's the host who welcomes Maya and Lucas to the Purple Cat (He's literally guarding the door!) 
2. He's on edge this whole episode! Even in Riley's fantasy. Do you think it's a mistake that he's tapping his foot the whole time Riley and Lucas act out their romance? I don't think so. 

He's angry, frustrated, and he clearly loves Riley. So why? Why hasn't he gone after her? Well, in Farkle's Choice he literally says that he doesn't want to cause a fight between them. Lucas says this too, but he eventually chooses. And it's been obvious who he chose at this point (Maya) 

Okay, so why didn't Lucas and Maya work out in the fantasy? Because they didn't "cut the red wire" - stop the bomb. Acknowledge Farkle's feelings.
Farkle's on a journey to discover who he is. He's grown and changed ( like the leaf that Riley catches from the window) 
Then when the company gets back, what happens? They tell Riley that Farkle nearly died! 
He "wandered off the trail" he "got distracted by the moth." 

Here's where Smackle comes in. She's the moth. She's the Trojan horse. Riley literally puts a bow on her, and she pushes Farkle toward her in seasons one and two. 
So what happens when Farkle grabs the moth? He falls, and then he's "hanging from a tree." 
Like a certain leaf we know, right? 
There's also a call back to Nature. Nature says this. Nature says that. Farkle has been saying these things. 
Farkle's been holding back his feelings THIS WHOLE TIME! 
They are going to destroy him. But he's not the only one. 
Riley is holding back her feelings too. This is proven by the "diagnosis" that Maya and Josh give her at the end of the Rilucas fantasy. 

They tell her, literally: "You're feeling things too much. You're hurting. You've been selfish. Not everyone is like you." 
Both of these "fantasies" are symbolic, not only of Riley and Maya's perception of love. Which is obvious, but the extent that their perspectives are warped. 
Now, before people say, "They've been leading to Lucaya this whole time, why didn't it work?" Because Lucas and Maya were fighting. Maya was season one Maya, mentally and emotionally- pulled back to where Riley needed her to be. (her words. Not bashing) So they could have saved the world by cutting the red wire. Stopping the anger. Diffusing it. But it's not just Maya's anger. It's Farkle's!

Time and time again, Farkle is portrayed as Canada, and he'll always be there. Time and time again, they take him for granted. His feelings are ignored or made to be a joke. That bomb has a timer, and that curtain is the only thing holding it together. 
But the problem is, Farkle wants the curtain there. Why? 
Farkle doesn't like feelings. We know this. He says this throughout the whole series. Now the bomb could represent just feelings in general, that would also make sense, but there is no question that Farkle is clinging on to that curtain for dear life! 
So this answers a lot of the questions that we have about Riley, Maya, and why they aren't growing. 
Bear with me here (pun intended.) That curtain might have to do with his promise to love both Riley and Maya the same. That curtain might be the one thing that Farkle is trying to control. But he won't be able to. You can't control feelings. You have to feel them. More importantly, you have to acknowledge them. Farkle isn't doing that. But maybe, just maybe Riley isn't doing that either. 
I've thought about this. She says a few things in this episode and others that reveal she knows more than she lets on. 
(That's why she's a coniving villain in Maya's fantasy. Maya's the bearer of bad news in hers. No accident.)
Besides the dialogue in True Maya where Riley literally says that she put Maya where she wants her to be, she has a line in STEM that stood out to me.
"Our guy friends are pretty great. Maybe it was easier before we looked at each other as boys and girls. Maybe it was easier to look at each other as friends." 
Okay, she could be talking about the guys in general here, but who was the main focus of her attention in this episode? Farkle!
Also, she has a line appearing out of nowhere when she's "in the hole" with Maya. 
"I hope Farkle remembers that science can't explain people and that he keeps himself open to love." 
Why would she say this? Maybe she is more aware of her feelings for Farkle than she lets on. She shows hints at it throughout the episode. We also know Riley likes to escape. What if Lucas is her escape? 
Riley's hurting. Really hurting. We know that from her fantasy. But she can't express it. She has "The Riley Commitee" to keep her in line. Riley invented "The Purple Cat" to keep Maya in check, because otherwise, she would be alone in her inability to grow. 
For any of this to move forward. For any of this to find resolution, the curtain must be destroyed. 
Mt. Farkle-uvious is gonna blow! 
Hang in there Farkle!  :( 

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