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Monday, July 25, 2016

Farkle of Oz: A Girl Meets World Theory (possible spoilers)

Alright! I'm back, with a theory that I discussed with theowldectective. 

First, we know that the characters of Girl Meets World were nicknamed by Eric in Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington. 

Lucas is Scarecrow
Farkle is Robot
Maya is Lion
Riley is Dorothy
(I know my previous theory was Maya as Dorothy- but now I know why) 

At the end of the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy delivers an important line to Scarecrow: 

She tells him, "I'm going to miss you most of all." 

This is the line that Eric gives Farkle, and it's no coincidence. 

So let's go back to that Purple curtain again: 
In the Wizard of Oz, the all powerful Wizard was just a facade made by a man behind the curtain. 
So who's the man behind this one? (Yes there's a bomb in the fantasy sequence- but someone is behind the entire fantasy that Riley believes the world is.)
So who's the wizard? Your first thought is Cory, right? Because he's the all powerful, wise teacher that helps them learn valuable life lessons. Well, we know there's a twist. And the writers have already hinted at many. Charlie Gardner's was my favorite ('She ends up with Farkle. How did we not see that coming?") 

So, is the Wizard Cory Matthews? 
I'm going to say no. 
I think the wizard is none other than . . . Farkle Minkus. 
Do you remember Farkle's Choice? Where Farkle stepped back because he didn't want to cause a fight between Riley and Maya? The episode after that is Girl Meets Popular, where Riley is invited to a party, and Maya isn't. 
Cory apparently has no idea about who is behind this party. Odd, if he's the wizard . . . 
But who is the one behind Riley's moment of popularity? Farkle!
We know that Farkle looks up to Cory, but Cory literally allows Farkle to take over the class (the world) 
by giving him Farkle Time!
Farkle time always includes very important dialogue that is essential to the Long Game (The overall narrative of the show) 
One of the most important episodes is Girl Meets I am Farkle where some possible events in the season are foreshadowed. This is also the moment we get an answer to a question Farkle has asked himself for a long time. Is he a robot or a real boy? 
At the end of Girl Meets Legacy, Farkle asks Mr. Norton a very interesting question: 

"Is it possible that feelings are stronger than Science?" 
"Keep discovering Farkle." is Mr. Norton's reply. 
This is a very important moment in Farkle's character arc, because it brings up a common theme that relates to the way he is treated by the other characters. 
In Girl Meets Farkle's Choice, Farkle tells the girls, "I'm Canada, a little taken for granted, but I'm always there for you." 
He is repeatedly treated this way throughout the show, and most of his angry comments are ignored or made to be a joke. 
But don't underestimate Farkle Minkus! He is a genius, and he's proven as much to Riley and Maya. 
But this genius invented his most difficult obstacle with the purple curtain. 
We know from Girl Meets the Bay Window that Farkle promised to love Riley and Maya the same at a very young age. 
We also know from the first episode that Farkle calls Riley, day and Maya, night. And once you tell someone something over and over again, they start to believe it. 
Throughout the show, Riley and Maya act on these extremes, and they consider them to be part of their identities. This is where the Riley Commitee comes in: 
In Girl Meets Pluto, we learn about The Riley Commitee which exists to keep certain information away from Riley. Now, if Cory was behind this commitee, wouldn't he want to continue the facade? Instead, he tells the commitee that Riley is getting too smart and she'll have to face the world sometime. This commitee only exists for Riley, not Maya. Who would be smart enough to come up with such an idea: Farkle! 

So we know that Farkle cares for both of these girls, and he wants them to last forever. But, he was looking through a microscope. 
And, as Riley asks him, "Did you ever think that when you look through a microscope, you might miss the bigger picture?" 

The bigger picture here is fairly obvious in Girl Meets Stem ;)

So my theory is that because Farkle will do anything for Riley, he has kept up this facade, but the curtain will fall, because the truth is inevitable.  

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