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Friday, July 15, 2016

Girl Meets True Maya and Ski Lodge theories

This basically sums up the dynamics of the situation in this episode. 
Riley is convinced that she knows who Maya is, and she has an interesting line of dialogue that convinces me she might know slightly what she's doing to Maya. (This is not Riley bashing by the way- just an observation.) 
She tells Maya, "I only brought you back to exactly where I need you to be and I was very careful not to go too far." 
This dialogue communicates two things. One, Riley is aware that she influences Maya. Two, Riley is desperate to make things go back to how they were. 
We know from season one that Riley is not a fan of change. We also know in season 2 that she is only a fan of change if it works in her favor. Neither is true of this triangle, and Riley wants out of it (preview for Ski Lodge) 
The problem is, Riley doesn't see herself as a problematic influence. It might be a result of the "Riley Commitee" that Maya and Farkle invented for her long ago. 
But Maya is allowing this influence to change her identity- a very mentally unhealthy decision for all of them.  
Lucas knows this, because Lucas knows Maya and accepts her for who she is. Which is why we get that wonderful grin when he finishes Maya's sentence in the last scene. 
Lucas also has a past that we know very little about. But he brings it up in this episode, especially when Maya's identity is in question.
Let's not forget the best quote he had in the Volcano lecture: 
"Deep down Maya is beautiful." 
By this point it is very clear that Lucas chose Maya. He knows who she is, and while he calls Riley pretty, Maya is beautiful. A throwback to the moment Zay reveals Lucas's nickname for Maya is "Blonde Beauty". 
Okay, so the lesson of the episode is that a volcano's gonna blow. Riley is convinced that the volcano is Maya. 
Don't watch the birdie! (As owldectective says on tumblr ^_^)
A volcano does blow up. Farkle!
Once again the writers take this opportunity to divert your attention by making the scene comical, but the evidence is there. Lucas even says that Farkle's gonna blow. 
Haha right? Not quite. Farkle blows up about a specific thing. And this is not the first time: 

He calls Lucas a face, again. We see him do this in season 1 quite a few times, but it is most notable in Girl Meets Belief. Farkle makes it very clear that he is convinced Lucas exists to mock him. 
Why? How long has Farkle been in love with Riley again? (since first grade) 
But Riley still can't see that. Although she's beginning to stare at Farkle a lot more often than she used to, especially with a smile. 

It's also interesting to note that the scene where Maya grabs Farkle causes a reaction from both Lucas and Riley that is fairly obvious: 
But that's just stuff on the triangle that's not a triangle. 
The core of this episode is
Hope is the core of Maya that she is protecting. She thinks it's the part of her that's Riley, but it's actually just an aspect of her personality that she doesn't believe she has. 
And that's where Dorothy comes in. 
Back in Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington, Eric names each one of the core four after the characters from The Wizard of Oz. 
Lucas is Scarecrow
Farkle is Robot (Tinman) 
Riley is the Cowardly Lion
Maya is Dorothy
 We know that now, even though we get both the girls in the shot when Eric says that. And, that's what makes this scene important: 
These four are on a journey together to discover who they are. 
But why is Maya Dorothy? Because she is looking for home, but she's had it all along. 

Ok on to . . .

I had to. Cory's face is gold! Anyway, we know (because it's been foreshadowed by Girl Meets Pluto) that the company is going to the infamous Ski Lodge where Cory nearly lost Topanga. 
Is Riley almost going to lose something like he did. Maybe . . . 
Judging from the leaf scene in the new sneak peak I have a guess that Riley might almost lose Farkle. Why? A leaf blows through the window. It's orange, and it's torn in two. 
Farkle is always there- he comes in through the window when Riley needs him most. He's struggling between logic and feelings. 
We know Riley's hung up on Lucas, and that's the whole core issue of the triangle. Farkle all the while has changed and grown. Riley is not bothered by this, and in Girl Meets Farkle, she made it clear that Farkle should "go figure out" love. 
So why Farkle? We've been focusing on Maya throughout the storyline right? 
Well we know that Maya isn't going anywhere. She's stepped back for Riley three times now, and she's made it clear nothing will change their friendship. 
Farkle on the other hand has been trying to solve the biggest mystery: Can feelings be stronger than science?
Throughout all three seasons we've seen him stare at Riley in a way he has never stared at Maya, yet he claims to love both girls the same. But now, Farkle has Smackle (he's stuck- her own wording. Not bashing) But he never looks at Smackle the way he looks at Riley. 
I also want to point out his face when Riley tells him her father kissed someone at the ski lodge. Something Cory wants to prevent. 
So, what are you thinking Farkle? ;)
One more interesting thing to note is Maya's comment on fantasy versus reality- this might be the lesson in this two episode arc. 
My theories- The triangle will be over- the writers said so. 
Lucas and Maya will be tested by the presence of Josh
Riley may see how valuable Farkle is
Farkle might kiss Riley
Lucas might kiss Maya
For now I'm just enjoying the ride :) 

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