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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Captain America: Civil War: A Movie Review (Spoilers Ahead!)

First of all: Wow! This is the kind of writing that I enjoy- full character exploration with very real emotions involved. A conflict that relates to a flaw in humanity and some interesting consequences. 

So, you're probably wondering, which team am I on? Team Cap or Team Iron Man? 

Well I'm Cap all the way, but it is obvious that Steve Rodgers made some rash decisions. Now Tony Stark made rash decisions too. Both are at fault here, and Vision explains that, but they both have their reasons that we all think: what would I do in that situation. 

First: let's talk about the title: Ciivl War. A war fought from within and allies turning to enemies. This is what happens to the Avengers. The Vision explains that they are headed for catastrophe, but neither Steve or Tony head his warning. Both believe they are doing the right thing- and that kind of perspective leads to arrogance, vengence and ultimately loss. 
What's interesting is that both Steve and Tony make their decision with the same emotion. Grief. 
Tony grieves his parents, and Steve grieves for Peggy and Bucky. Their argument begins as a decision over right and wrong about the number of casualities they cause, but it turns into a deeper conflict about processing loss, and allowing that grief to determine their decision. 
Why do they do this? Their human. They aren't perfect, but because they are super hero's, everyone expects them to be. 
Now, let's look at both sides of the argument. 
Tony believes that the government should control the Avengers to some degree, because they have made mistakes before, and they have caused innocents to suffer because of it. 
Steve believes that the Avengers should have the freedom to decide what to do and how to solve external conflicts. 
Both of them choose this out of grief. Tony thinks of the boy whose mother reminds him was killed in one of the Avengers' missions. Steve thinks of Bucky who had no choice in his thoughts and actions when he became an experiment with Hydra. These storylines make the line even more grey as to whose right, whose wrong and if there is a right or wrong way to determine how battles should be fought. 
Vision observes this, and he tells Wanda that because they think they are right- they are dangerous. 
Watching the battle unfold, as the heroes choose their sides is a deeply emotional conflict that makes the film even more powerful to the audience. 
Thestory of the movie was well done, and I believe it brought up a few questions we can ask ourselves in our daily lives. Questions about loss, grief, friendship and war. 
Even with a serious storyline, the film did a wonderful job balancing humor with the chaos. 

Spider Man took the cake! And Antman was charming. Some of the inside jokes between the characters were wonderful as well. 

I also loved the relationship development between Scarlett Witch and Vision. 

Panther was amazing! I loved his confrontation with the real Villian in the film, and his wise choice relating to vengence. 
I give this film five out of five orange slices ^_^ 

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